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Breed Characteristics

James Levy and Ozzie

Florida Cracker Horses are small saddle horses, standing from 13.2 hands to 15.2 at the withers and weighing 700 - 1000 pounds. The head is refined and intelligent in appearance. The profile is straight or slightly concave. The throat latch is prominent and the jaw is short and well defined. The eyes are keen with an alert expression and have reasonable width between them. The eye colors are dark, with a white sclera, gray or blue. The neck is well defined, fairly narrow, without excessive crest and is about the same length as the distance from the withers to the croup. The withers are pronounced but not prominent. The chest is medium to narrow in width with an inverted “V” formed between the two front legs. The shoulders are long and sloping with a 40 to 50 degree angle. A well laid back shoulder with smooth muscling is preferred. The back is short, narrow and strong with well sprung ribs. The point of the withers and the point of the croup are equal in height. The under line is longer than the top line. The croup is sloping and short and the tail is set medium low.

Robb's Cracker Boy

Colors are any of those known to the horse; however, solid colors and grays are most common.

While this external type is distinctive, breed proponents insist that the best way to tell a Cracker Horse is to ride one. The ground covering gaits found in these horses include the flatfoot walk, running walk, trot and ambling gaits. Cracker Horses are willing workers whose actions show spirit, amazing stamina and endurance. Crackers have been used for trail, pleasure, reining, team roping, team penning, pulling wagons and always as working cow horses.



"The Cracker Horse"

Written by Vicky Baldwin
Accompaniment and reading by Terry James Swett.