Besides offering horse racing fans and bettors the best insights to enlarge their understanding of this fantastic sporting discipline, Florida Cracker Horses is also committed to offering horse breeders, owners and trainers the best range of services. How do we do it?

Our website partners with incredibly professional and top-quality companies in Maryland and other states across the United States to deliver these services. The offer includes:

Stallion and mare management

Among the stallion management services are breeding examination, semen collection and evaluation, semen cooling/freezing, storage and distribution, stallion managing guidance, breeding records maintenance and breeding contracts management.

Our partners practice their stallion management services based on a selective and thoroughly detailed system. Stallions are chosen through a screening process that assesses each and every horse according to pedigree, production records and performance. The mare management services include breeding managing, artificial insemination, reproductive evaluation, diagnostic, care and technology, therapeutic treatment and foaling services.

Veterinary services

Our partners offer full equine ambulatory services, diagnostic, laboratory analysis, performance issues management, general horse health, vaccination, dental prophylaxis, foal care, respiratory treatment, minor surgery, lacerations, colic therapy and ophthalmic examination.

Mobile services

The horse care services that partner with Florida Cracker Horses are equipped with mobile laboratories in which they can perform their offer of mobile examinations and treatments. They are ready and happy to visit farms, tracks and clinics.

These laboratories are also fully prepared to evaluate, process and freeze semen for breeding purposes.

Contact Florida Cracker Horses today to learn more about these and other services for breeders, owners and trainers.