SoKor’s 메이저 토토사이트 (major toto online betting site) faces challenges posed by offshore-based online sportsbooks that offer better betting odds and a more extensive array of wagering options. After all, avid Korean punters are also sports fans, who want to stake wagers on international events that fascinate them; such as the horse races in the UK and Australia, the FIFA World Cup, English Premier Football Championships, the American Basketball and Baseball tournaments, Grand Slam Tennis Events and various Olympic sports competitions. Aside from the limitation of betting choices, the betting options available, have little to offer in terms of prizes.

Choosing Between Pari-Mutuel or Fixed-Odds Betting

Gambling enthusiasts find fixed-odds betting more exciting and challenging as a recreation but not necessarily as an occupation. If done right and with proper restraint, gambling for seasoned punters are actually lucrative.
As opposed to Pari-Mutuel Betting, Fixed Odds wagering allows a gambler to examine and compare the odds offered by bookmakers so they can optimize their sports betting money. Anyway, it would be better to know how pari-mutuel betting works to fully comprehend why many punters prefer the fixed-odds option.

How Does Pari-Mutuel Betting Work?

In Pari-Mutuel betting, gamblers simply vie to win a portion of the money pooled as prize for the event. The prize however, is net of the money paid to the winning competition contestants, and the operators or organizers of the sports competition. In the case of Sokor Sports Toto the government and its private partner operator retain a certain percentage of all money staked as bets at the Toto Site, before arriving at the amount of prize money that will be awarded to winners. A gambler’s share of the remaining prize money is in proportion to the amount staked as a wager.
Yet a gambler’s pari-mutuel prize money can go even lower than expected if there are many winners who placed bets on the same horse.
This denotes that in pari-mutuel betting, a gambler is competing against fellow gamblers who usually place bets only on the favorites to win a race or match. Staking higher amounts of bet ensures greater share of the remaining pooled money available.

Why Most Gamblers Prefer Fixed-Odds Betting

In Fixed Odds betting a punter’s expected prize money is locked-in by the odds offered by the bookmaker. Let us say a wager was placed at the odds of 3-1, he can expect to have a return of 3 dollars for every 1 dollar staked as wager. That is regardless of how many gamblers placed wagers for the same fixed-odds offer. Punters therefore should not expect bookmakers to offer high returns on horses or teams that show great promise of winning.