What is Online Gambling Like in Indonesia?

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horse race betting in indonesiaIndonesia is a predominantly Muslim country that does not allow playing a game of slot online or in any form of gambling for that matter. While other Asian countries also prohibit casino gambling in their jurisdiction, they at least allow local residents to engage in recreational gambling like lotteries and horse betting.

Indonesian authorities are more strict because the anti gambling law they impose apply to both local residents and foreigners visiting the country. Yet horse race competitions in Indonesia are highly popular, particularly in the Border regions where horse racing is a huge favorite. Although the competitions are generally tolerated by authorities, betting activities are forbidden.

Online Gambling is Another Popular Recreation Among Non-Muslim Indonesians

man winning ireal money n online gamblingAlthough Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim nation, it’s the fourth most populous country in the world. According to the 2022 population statistics published by the country’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, the number of Muslims living in the country is roughly about 87% of the nation’s population or around 242 million people. About 11% or 29 million Indonesians are Christians, while the rest identify themselves as Buddhists or Hindus.

This denotes that a huge number of Indonesians in the country are inclined to engage in online gambling activities. After all, Indonesia is one of the ancient cultures that developed certain betting options and strategies that up to now is in use.

However, it’s unfortunate that Indonesian authorities do not make a distinction whether a resident is a Muslim or not or whether he or she is a citizen or a foreigner visiting the country. As a matter of fact, lawmakers do not approve using casinos as tourist attractions, whether as stand alone gambling venues or integrated as a resort feature.

The Internet and Advancements in Technologies Enabled Non-Muslim Citizens to Engage in Online Gambling

The advent of the Internet and advancements in different technologies made safe and secure online gambling possible. At first, local Indonesians were sceptical about the safety of engaging in online casino gambling; wary that they would be severely punished for violating the country’s gambling laws. Yet their apprehension eventually disappeared since they were convinced and assured by trustworthy and safe online gambling websites that they can be shielded against possible punishments.

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